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BullyingFriendship Difficulties
Grief & LossSelf Esteem & Confidence
Anxiety & Worries / FearsAnger & Conflict
Social SkillsSexual Abuse & Trauma
Depression & Self Harm
School Refusal / Disengagement
Reading & Writing DisorderMaths Disorder
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Intellectual Impairment
Asperger's Disorder
GiftednessNonverbal Learning Disorder
Emotional & Behavioural Disorders
Resiliency Program
Enhancing Students Learning Program
Organisation & Planning Program
Attention & Concentration Program
Transition to Senior School & Uni/Tafe

Child Psychologists Brisbane

Psychological Solutions is specialist in providing psychology services for children, adults and their families in Brisbane. Our Brisbane child psychologists are having experience and expertise in the field of child psychology recognized by media agencies and the wider community. We feel that it was our privilege offering comprehensive, professional and friendly child psychology assessments to children, adolescents, parents and families. We provide wide range of psychological assessment and treatments for both behavioral and emotional difficulties like anxiety, low self-esteem, depression, etc and also deal with anger and family difficulties.

Our Child Psychologists at Psychological Solutions will match your child's needs and work with you towards the change. This is the main reason why the organization is the best and leading one for practitioners and psychiatrists in Queensland and Brisbane and in other areas in Australia. Our belief is that the children can make change in their lives to better fulfill their growth and potential into healthy and happy adults. Our work approach with you is like a family member, making the children gaining knowledge about the importance of the young one's relationships and other experiences along with the influence of behavioral and emotional problems on their family members.

Our Services includes:

At Psychological Solutions Brisbane Qld, we work closely with you to make you feel the change more efficiently and effectively. We work with you as one of your family members and then develop a perfect treatment plan by researching to the most efficient form of intervention to your situation in particular. The plan that we design will absolutely suits your personal and family needs. As all of our psychologists have extensive training and experience in treating with child and adolescent mental health, and ensure to provide the service and care at best standards.

How can we help you?
Psychological Solutions is proud to engage with the local community through their community outreach programs including information seminars and group presentations. Psychological Solutions links with other allied health professions and in the bayside region to address pertinent topics of interest in the community.

Counselling Services

Unsure whether you need help? Our skills team are here to assist. Our staff are available to answer any questions or queries you may have.  Sometimes the peace of mind of knowing your child's behaviour is normal is incredibly reassuring to you as a parent. Never be scared to ask the important questions. 
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