Assessment Services

Psychological Solutions provides a range of assessments including:

  • Cognitive (Intelligence, memory, etc.)
  • Educational/Learning (Psychoeducational)
  • Diagnositc/developmental (e.g. ADHD, Autism, Intellectual Impairment)

Common reasons children are referred for assessment include:

  • Smart, hard-working kids performing poorly at school
  • difficulty focus in class and getting easily distracted
  • Problems with memory: recognition and/or recall
  • Problems with a specific area e.g. reading, writting, maths
  • Global learning difficulties

A Psychological Solutions Assessment includes:

  1. An intiial clinical interview
  2. A review of any previous tests and reports
  3. Two blocks of testing. Although each assessment is tailored to suit your referral question, a standard assessment includes:
    • A standardised Cognitive (intelligence) Test/s e.g. WPPSI-II, WISC-IV, SB-5
    • A standardised Achievement (academic) Test/s e.g. WIAT-II, DST, NEPSY
    • Parent questionaires e.g. BREIF, Conner’s 3
    • Memory Tests if needed e.g. CMS
    • Assessment of Sensory Processing if needed
    • ADOS or other diagnositc assessments if needed
    • Subtests from other relevant assessment tools e.g. NEPSY-II, QUIL, WRAML
  4. A detailed assessment report
  5. Tailored recommendations for your child
  6. A comprehensive feedback session to answer all your questions
  7. Direct feedback sessions are offered to school staff upon request

We can also perform multidiciplinary assessments where you and your child will be seen by a psychologist, occupational therpaist, and speech therapist. This kind of assessment is most useful when looking at developmental disorders such as Global Developmental Delay or an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

You do not need to know exactly what kind of assessment you need! The purpose of the intial interview is to determine exactly what your concerns are so you and your clinician can decide together the best kind of assessment for your child.

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