Neurofeedback Training

What is neurofeedback training?

Neurofeedback training is a type of biofeedback that allows people to learn how to control parts of their brain function. It depends on biological signals such as the amount of oxygen rich blood that is delivered to areas of the brain. Once someone becomes aware of a biological signal, they can learn to control it.

At The Health Hub we use Brain Gain’s near infrared spectroscopy neurofeedback to train people to increase blood flow to the prefrontal areas of the brain. The prefrontal brain areas play an important role in controlling attention and the rationale for training these areas is based on this role and also because blood flow to these areas increase when more attention is required.

The prefrontal cortex is important to:

  • focus attention effectively and maintain it on one task,
  • control emotions and impulses,
  • maintain a sense of purpose,
  • respond appropriately to the demands of a specific situation.

Training the prefrontal cortex with neurofeedback therefore exercises attention and the area that controls it.





Why is brain blood flow important?

It is simple – the brain requires energy to work and fuel for the brain (oxygen and glucose) is conveyed by blood. When an area of the brain becomes more active during a task, it requires increased blood supply because it needs more energy. This increased need for oxygen is met by more oxygen-rich blood being carried to that part of the brain. Improved blood flow assists in developing healthier neural functioning. Blood brings needed nutrients and removes toxins so adequate blood flow is required for brain growth and repair.

How does one do neurofeedback training?

A person learns to control their attention with the help of a computer that shows them a DVD film. The film and sounds plays when they pay close attention, and stops when their attention decreases below a certain level. By doing this, they learn to control the film and their attention. The goal is to make the film play for longer periods of time and this is a gradual learning process. This is the essence of neurofeedback training. During the training sessions a headband is worn on the forehead and this collects the brain blood flow neurofeedback information.


Neurofeedback training course of 15, 24, or 48 sessions can be provided based on the results from the TESCA test. After completing a course of training, clients are re-tested on the TESCA to evaluate their response to the training.

Information provided directly from to Australian Licensee.

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