Did you know that Psychological Solutions offers Brain Gain Neurofeedback Therapy?

Not sure what Neurofeedback is? Find out  here!

For us, Brain Gain represents an exciting frontier with amazing opportunities for our clients.  We constantly see the gains of brain training realised in our clinic and in the everyday lives of our patients. We love hearing of the positive differences clients have made with Neurofeedback.  Our multidisciplinary clinic sees clients across the developmental lifespan which gives us an insight into the needs of different age groups, different behaviours and thought patterns, different perspectives and personalities.  As Neurofeedback allows people to train their brains through visual connection with their thought behaviour, we get excited about how we can help people, particularly with issues of concentration and attention. We see many applications for Neurofeedback and where we can use Brain Gain to help people adapt and thrive in today’s complex world.


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